Are Double-Sided Drive-in Screens from Air Screen Real?

When you start a Drive-in business - it is all about the quantity of cars that your parking lot cinema can accommodate. Classical approach is a front projection screen elevated above the ground high enough that the cars standing in the row don’t block the view for the audience in those vehicles.

A step up is a rear projection screen, which allows you to put your projector from behind the screen and save some space for the cars standing in front of the screen.

But in spring 2020, Air Screen, a leading inflatable screen manufacturer in the EU, rolled out a double-sided Drive-in Screen. How is this at all possible? And why were there no outdoor movie ‘walk-in’ theaters screening two different movies on the two opposite sides of the screen at the same time? It is all about the sound!

In Drive-in Theater you can set two FM Transmitters to broadcast your movie sound on two different channels. So for instance all cars standing in front of your screen may be tuned-in to 101.2 FM and those behind the screen - to 104.6 FM.

We’ve heard many of you ask if it is possible to use one projector on both sides of your screen? Meaning that you have both front- and rear-projection. Technically it is possible, but the problem is that your rear-projection image is going to be mirrored. Which is clearly visible when there’s text or subtitles:
Harry Potter Title Flipped

Air Screen’s Double-sided Inflatable Screen claims to have two projection surfaces on the front and back of the screen. 

But so far we’ve only seen a 3D model of this concept marketed.
Have you, perhaps, already seen a drive-in screen with cars standing in front and back somewhere in your area? Let us know in the comments below.