BSP Updates

  • Movies during the pandemic: home theater, drive-in theaters, inflatable screens

    You can also organize your own drive-in -- turnkey systems like these by the Utah-based manufacturer Open Air Cinema allow for that!
  • Home Cinema Theater: Projector or LED-LCD?

    Technology is on the move and developing. Still pprojectors -- like the ones included in our home theater systems -- will remain the main game-players on the home theater market, and connoisseurs of watching movies at home will keep picking them for their home cinema set-ups.
  • Cheap and Expensive Inflatable Movie Screens. What Is the Difference?

    Open Air Cinema, AirScreen Inflatables, EPIC, etc. The cost for their movie equipment may range between $800 and $50,000. But why are Western brands so expensive if China-based companies offer Inflatable Movie Screens for just $200?! 
  • Which projector to choose: laser, LED or a lamp one?

    Now more and more people are choosing a projector for use at home or for outdoor projection. There are a lot of advantages of a projector over a TV set. We will focus on choosing a light source inside your projector because this is what forms the beam which you see on your screen as an image.

  • Are Double-Sided Drive-in Screens from AirScreen Real?

    You often ask if it is possible to use one projector on both sides of your screen? Meaning that you have both front- and rear-projection. Technically it is possible, but the problem is that your rear-projection image is going to be mirrored.
  • Projector or LED display for Your outdoor events

    One of three options can be: projection onto an inflatable movie screen, projection onto a canvas projection screen placed on a fixed frame, or LED panel displays
  • Top Inflatable Screens Manufacturers in the US

    From Florida to Utah, these are the most recognized Made in USA manufacturers of outdoor movie inflatables.